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Moodle Certification

Posted by – November 5, 2012

For those of you wanting to know a little about Moodle here is an article that will explain its development:

Moodle has continued to evolve since 1999 (since 2001 with the current architecture). Major improvements in accessibility and display flexibility were developed in 1.5. The current version is 2.2, which was released in December, 2011. It has been translated into 82 different languages.

Not having to pay license fees or to limit growth, an institution can add as many Moodle servers as needed. The Open University of the UK currently uses a Moodle installation for their 200,000 users.

It is often known for individual departments of institutions to use the unlimited feature, such as the maths department of the University of York.

The development of Moodle continues as a free software project supported by a team of programmers and an international user community, drawing upon contributions posted to the online Moodle Community website that encourages debate and invites criticism. As of July 11, 2012, Moodle is developing Moodle Mobile on HTML5 and Phonegap. It is planned to be released at the end of 2012.

Users can freely distribute and modify the software under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 or any later version.


Since 2006 there has been an official certification available for teachers using Moodle. Initially called the Moodle Teacher Certificate (MTC), this was renamed in 2008 to the Moodle Course Creator Certificate (MCCC).

MCCC is available only through Moodle Partners, and through Central Certification Services. MCCC for Moodle version 2.0 will be available from early in 2011. Discussion is ongoing regarding an official Moodle Administrators Certificate.

Read more about moodle on their official website