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Lighting Fixtures with Hampton Bay

Posted by – April 27, 2014

Bedroom with furniture

If you are thinking about home lighting fixtures then you may have already considered Hampton Bay as a lighting brand. It goes without saying that the more you can do with getting the right fixture for your room the more happier you will be. If you have found it hard to choose from so many brands then you are not alone. Hampton Bay is just one such brand made available by the Home Depot. Another popular brand is Progress Lighting. Whatever brand you go with good advice is always welcome. Notice what Hawaii Renovation has to say regarding lighting fixtures:


Think of Lighting as Art for Your Home

Lighting is possibly the most powerful tool you have when it comes to interior design. It does not make sense to invest in beautiful furniture, rugs, paintings and accessories if they are in the dark. The perfect light fixture not only illuminates a space — it also is a beautiful, decorative design element.

“When looking for a light fixture, think of yourself as a curator looking for a perfect piece of art,” said interior designer Laurie Smith, known for her role as a featured designer on the hit television show Trading Spaces (2000-2008). Smith said, “Like art, a fabulous fixture can make a strong design statement, as well as provide illumination for your space.”

Often consumers do not realize the difference updated lighting can make in their homes. Smith suggests finding one special piece and building a room around it. “In design school, we learned that lighting is the most exciting and mysterious medium in design. Lighting is sculptural; it’s textural, it’s exciting,” she said.

We believe that Hampton Bay Lighting Fixtures are some of the best fixtures for your home lighting needs.

“There are so many varying styles and designs in lighting today that the possibilities are endless. Different materials and shapes are just part of what goes into determining that perfect fixture,” said Smith. “For instance, do you want the shape of your piece to contrast with your room’s schematic or coordinate with it? Taking a traditional fixture and placing it into a modern setting creates interest through contrast, while taking a sleek modern fixture and putting it into a traditional setting infuses new vitality and a sophisticated accent.”

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Please take the time to ensure you get the right fixture for your home. If in doubt then please ask a professional lighting expert for advice. There are times however when you may just want to go with gut feelings on a particular light fixture and this is ok, however remember if ou are not satisfied you will need to make sure there is some sort of money back guarantee.

Hampton Bay Lighting Provides Beauty

Posted by – January 16, 2014

Pendant Lighting For Your Home

Hampton Bay Lighting Provides Beauty

Widely known in the home improvement industry as providing well-designed and affordable lighting choices, Hampton Bay Lighting is committed to producing quality lighting at budget-friendly prices. If you want the best advice you need to visit the Hampton Bay Lighting website.  Offering indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures in a great variety of models and styles, Hampton Bay products are carried by many home improvement retailers and lighting design stores.  Harbor Breeze Fans

Bathroom, Kitchen and Vanity Designs

Bathroom, kitchen and vanity lighting are offered in unique designs and patterns with fixtures to suit any home décor beautifully. Various finishes and glasses are available to personalize fixtures to suit each home’s needs.  Light fixture offerings include hanging lights, flush and wall mounted fixtures, those that are fitted on the wall as sconces and such, and everything else from chandeliers to recessed lighting. Floor and table lamps, lamps for children and teens, swing arm and partition lamps are also produced by this company.

They create many beautiful outdoor lighting fixtures in a variety of styles and several outstanding lighting collections. Porch lights, patio lanterns, post torches, deck lighting, landscape lighting and flood lights are all offered in a variety of fixture choices. Some include LED lights and some are solar powered.  Deck lighting includes post lanterns, recessed floor lighting, rail and step lights, and pyramid post sleeve cap lights.

Outdoor Lighting Collections

Outdoor lighting collections include the Augustine, offering a bronzed and intricately detailed upscale look; the Beckingham, with dual toned highlights in its bronze finish; and the Chalet, which provides cylindrical lanterns with a gorgeous dark finish. The Aged Iron Collection includes motion-sensing wall lanterns and the Anderson offers round diffusers in an artfully unique architectural style.  The formal upscale Prestige Collection includes beveled glass in hexagonal shaped lanterns.  The charming Bromley Collection featured Stone Mountain finish with seeded glass and the Crestwood has an elegant embossed leaf motif topped by an acorn finial.

Indoor Lighting Collections

Indoor lighting collections include the Chateau DuVille, with its warm ambience, and the sleekly clean lines of the Wave Collection.  The Restoration Bronze Collection offers modern elegance and the Mayport Collection is classic, with its brushed nickel finish and frosted wave glass. The Murray Collection showcases brushed nickel with contrasting dark shades. The Torino is scrolled bronze with beautiful amber glass shades. The Rhodes is warmly unique and the Alta Loma is all dark bronze simple elegance. The Rock Creek Collection has a hand-painted iron oxide finish while the Caffe Patina group is European-inspired and elegantly sculpted.

Chandelier groupings include the Croft Collection in olive stone, the Estelle with sparkling strings of glass beads set in champagne-finished metal filigree, and the Charleston with its oil rubbed bronze elegance. These hanging chandeliers are offered in from three to six light fixtures and hanging fixtures with a single shade suitable for entrance halls and foyers.

Ceiling Fan Lighting

Ceiling fan lighting is made for both interior and exterior use. Interior ceiling fans range from 36 inches to 60 inches in diameter with from one to three speeds.  There are finishes to complement any décor. These include brushed nickel, steel, and bronze; rubbed and tarnished bronze; natural iron and iron oxide; gunmetal; weathered copper; walnut or weathered wood; and painted white. Fans may have from three to five blades and most are reversible, to maintain a comfortable environment in any season.  Exterior fan finishes include gilded and natural iron; brushed nickel or bronze; rustic copper; painted white; or rattan wood. When buying a ceiling fan make sure that there are Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Accessories available. Outdoor fans range from 42 to 68 inches in diameter and some operate by handheld remote control for convenience.

Hampton Bay Lighting also provides for utilitarian and specialty lighting. In addition to flood and security lights, the company also provides exit and emergency lighting as well as industrial and shop lighting, including fluorescent strips and battery-operated backup lights. On a more whimsical note, strings of globe patio lights, rope lighting and solar powered stepping stone lights are also produced by the company. With its wide variety of styles, finishes, and designs, combined with its great quality, Hampton Bay Lighting is perfect for any room in a home.

Hampton Bay Lighting with Pinterest

Posted by – December 14, 2013

Have you ever used Pinterest? If not then you are missing out on an amazing network that allows you to pin pictures. I actually use Pinterest to pin Hampton Bay Lighting Photos and pictures.

Please take a look at the board you will also see a huge amount of boards dedicated to indoor lighting and home decor. They say a picture tells a thousand words and this is true with Pinterest.

Some of the boards will show you what you can do to transform the interior of your home. There is also a DIY section that will explain step by step what to do.


Hampton Bay Lighting Offers Your Home Ambiance Lighting

Posted by – September 23, 2013


Developers recommend that a room have 3 different sorts of illumination. Ambient illumination is one kind of lighting that is recommended for every space. Ambient lighting provides general lighting of the whole area and is the light that is existing before additional lights is included per Media College. There are many illumination layouts that supply background lights. Locating the ones that best matches your design, budget plan and room is not a hard procedure.

Light fixtures are a reasonable selection of ambient lighting, each the American Lighting Association. It is necessary that the dimension of the light fixture be appropriate for the area dimension. 2 of the initial locations individuals commonly think of when they think about candelabrum lights is the dining area and living space. Candelabrums could also be used as background lights in a foyer, bedroom or washroom. If you are picking a chandelier as a background lights source, it is important that its dimension and style be helpful with the area dimension and design. Hampton Bay Lighting has a number of different Chandaliers to choose from.

Flush mount and semi-flush place lights are also kinds of background illumination. You will certainly wish the lights design to be complementary to the overall room décor.

Recessed lights is a preferred selection of background lighting, according to IPN Lights. These type of lights can be made use of for a kitchen area, family members space or perhaps a home based office. This kind of lights can additionally be utilized in a little one’s play area or passageway.

Pendant lights that showcase a downward transformed world are usually utilized as job lights or background lighting, per Houzz design. Pendant lights developed with an inverted world or various other components can serve as background illumination for different areas in your residence; whereas additional pendant lights with dimmers add accent illumination to the background light.

Including layered lighting into your exterior living and landscape style will make it remarkably beautiful and more useful. When picking lights for your exterior space, begin with the background lights then include the task and accent lightingafterwards in order to examine the effectiveness of the total lighting. Exterior ambient illumination is commonly put around the edge of a pathway or yard path. It is likewise used on deck or deck actions to securely lead individuals to your door.

Ambient lights manages at night when the sunlight is not available to lighten a room. It gives soft lighting and is complemented by other lighting alternatives in the area. Outside background lights brings an aspect of calmness to your deck, patio area, garden or front landscape while making it simpler and more secure for every person to perambulate in the evening. For energy saving ideas please visit energy star.

Ambient lighting is one kind of lighting that is advised for every area. There are numerous lighting layouts that give ambient lighting. Recessed lighting is a well-liked selection of background illumination, according to IPN Lights. When deciding on lighting for your outside room, begin with the background lighting after that include the activity and accent lightingafterwards in order to examine the effectiveness of the total illumination.

Why Not Look At Hampton Bay Lighting Collections For Your Home

Posted by – September 8, 2013

If you are looking to improve the look of your home then you cant go far wrong with the Hampton Bay Lighting Collections range. Not only do they supply light fixtures and fittings but also ceiling fans and a number of other products.

So if you want to try something different with your home decor we recommend starting with your lighting. Lighting can set or break the atmosphere. if you have low ceilings then recessed LED lighting is becoming more popular. This type of light fixture is fitted to the ceiling allowing no hang. This enables you to move about without hitting your head against some light fixture.

If you have higher ceilings then Chandeliers are affordable and part of the Hampton Bay lighting collection. There are a wide range of options and the video above will discuss some of these. You can also check out the Hampton Bay Lighting Collections video here.

Lastly we would like to add that Hampton Bay products can be found at Home Depot stores around the country. You should locate your nearest store and take a look around at the wide range of fixtures available. Also the staff in-store are knowledgeable and friendly and will be more than eager to help you decide on what lighting scheme would be best for your home and budget.